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On-Trend Expertise: A Look at 2020’s Hottest Home Design Trends

In everything from fashion and hairstyles, to wellness and fitness, to home architecture and design, trends come and go. They can change by the season, year or decade, depending on our culture, environment and other influences.

Behind the Style: Mid-Century Modern

In many ways, the mid-century modern style has shaped how we define American residential architecture. Though European architects first used elements of the style in the early 20th century, American architects didn’t hesitate to make it their own....

Modernizing Your Entryway on a Budget

It can be tougher to keep up with home design trends than fashion trends. Planning and implementing a remodel, even if it’s just cosmetic updates, is typically more time consuming than running out to the mall (or faster yet, clicking “buy now”) for...

How to Paint the Frame of Your Entry Door Window

The drive to achieve the perfect design and aesthetic can sometimes overpower considerations of quality and durability. Curb appeal can take priority over product lifespan, and the desire for instant gratification can prevail over a passion for...