Published Dec 17, 2019 2:11:15 PM

Latest News: Enhanced Offering Maximizes EVOLVE Doorglass Framing Systems’ Value, Appeal

ODL, Inc., a leading building products supplier of decorative and clear doorglass and entry treatments, has expanded its EVOLVE® doorglass framing system lineup, maximizing the technology’s application possibilities Picture1and performance.

The EVOLVE rectangular doorglass frame is now available in 10 sizes, ranging from 8 inches by 36 inches to 22 inches by 64 inches. Medium oval and sunburst frames are also included in the offering.

The expansion of the framing lineup allows more dealers, home builders and remodelers to experience the unparalleled benefits of the EVOLVE Framing System:

  • Ingenuity. Unique frame rib construction and placement of the Galaxy screw bosses reduce scalloping and corner flare, a common problem home builders and remodelers face. The innovative design allows less than 0.005 inches of scalloping (compared to 0.05 to 0.1 inches with a standard screw frame). EVOLVE’s precision-applied compression foam tape with specially designed adhesive guarantees no squeeze out or oozing of wet seals.
  • Durability. Dealers can offer customers a product that is built to last. Designed for improved air-and water-tight compression and extreme weather tested by ODL, the EVOLVE frame maintains a flush, no-gap seal against both the door and glass.
  • Universal Appeal. EVOLVE complements any home’s facade or exterior décor. The High Performance (HP®) White is ideal for applications where painting and staining is not required. The FiberPro® models can be easily painted or stained without the need for an adhesion promoter. 

“EVOLVE changed the framing landscape when it was introduced to the market in 2014. It guaranteed the longevity of doorglass by ensuring it can withstand the elements and time,” says Roger Finch, senior distribution channel marketing manager, ODL, Inc. “Our customers love the results that they are receiving from the unique features of the EVOLVE frame and asked for more sizes. We are happy to bring the benefits of EVOLVE to them in a broader offering.” 

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