Published May 21, 2021 3:01:07 PM

Turn Your Home Into a Private Sanctuary Through Design

When you’re at home, it’s natural to want to feel safe and relaxed. Part of that is preventing nosy neighbors or random passers-by from seeing what’s happening in your living spaces. And part of that is designing your home in a way that not only makes you feel comfortable but gives you the peace of mind that you and your family are secure.

Here, ODL’s design and door glass professionals offer a handful of useful tips that can help you improve privacy where you need it while also maintaining a beautiful and homey space.

5 Creative Ways to Boost Privacy Through Design

Privacy elements don’t have to stand out against your home’s design. In fact, the most successful privacy strategies complement the look, style, and design of your home and yard.

If you’re looking for ways to increase your home’s privacy, these options could make your home feel more secure:

  1. 202105-ODL-Private-Sanctuary-Through-Design-pergolaCreate a Living Privacy Wall: Fast-growing hedges, bamboo, and even trellised vines create a beautiful green shield between your home and prying eyes.
  2. Install a Fence: While some homeowners associations may not allow fencing, a fence defines your property and protects your home’s privacy in areas where it is allowed.
  3. Choose gauzy curtains: Transparent curtains offer privacy without sacrificing light. And, lit correctly with a lamp, they become opaque at night.
  4. Construct a pergola or arbor: Like a living privacy wall, pergolas and arbors add green space to your yard that protects your home’s interior. However, unlike a privacy wall, they blend more seamlessly with your landscaping and garden.
  5. Apply vinyl window stickers: Designed for renters in search of privacy, vinyl window stickers can transform a window into a mirror or opaque glass, making it impossible to see through from the outside, while remaining perfectly transparent from the interior.

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Reduce Outside Noise with Sound Transmission Suppression

Privacy isn’t limited to what people can see. It also extends to the sounds that emanate from your home and outside noises that can disturb your peace and tranquility.

Soundproof, or more accurately, sound-suppressing doorglass is built differently. Its construction can suppress and diffuse sound, making a space quieter. Our third-party tested soundproof door glass offers significant noise reduction, offering you protection from everything from loud traffic to noisy neighbors. 

The right sound-suppressing doorglass will not only reduce noise but it will look beautiful, too. For example, Salix is a modern design that suppresses sound, offers privacy, and can elevate the look of your home.


Prioritize Privacy Without Sacrificing Light: It’s Time to Consider Blinds Between Glass

If you aren’t willing or able to sacrifice yard space in order to construct a privacy barrier, enclosed blinds could be the privacy solution you’re looking for.

Blinds between glass offer a permanent design solution that blends seamlessly with your interior décor. Cordless, intuitive, and easy-to-use built-in blinds are ideal for high-traffic areas of the home that would otherwise be difficult to cover or put small children or pets at risk.

If enclosed blinds sound right for you and your home, Blink Blinds + Glass offers a wide range for a variety of window styles as well as sliding patio doors and other exterior glass doors. We also have the ability to create custom sizes and colors for your unique project in just as eight days—all while upholding the quality, reliability, and design from ODL you've come to trust.

The newest member of the Blink family is Blink Entry Doorglass, our solution for light and privacy control in hinged entry doors. Learn more about blinds between glass for your French doors on the Blink website:

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The soft buds of the willow are Spring's earliest sign that the garden is about to wake. Salix, the botanical name for willow, reflects their beauty and whimsy with pops of color and modern lines. Bring nature to your entryway all year round with this earthy, organic pattern.

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Blink Entry Doorglass

Blink Entry Doorglass brings an updated look, feel and finish to your entryway while keeping the same benefits of maintenance-free light and privacy control of enclosed blinds. This latest design combines easy operating effort and long-lasting reliability that continues our 20-year history of building the best-selling blinds between glass in the industry.

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