Published Dec 17, 2019 2:45:52 PM

Latest News: ODL Announces New Updates to EVOLVE Framing

ODL, Inc. (ODL), a leading building products supplier of decorative and clear door glass and entry treatments725SDL_6L_Evo has announced several expansions to its EVOLVE® framing line. 

EVOLVE, ODL’s innovative framing system that uses compression foam tape instead of traditional caulk, is now available in three additional sizes to fit almost any door glass size: 20x36, 22x80 and 8x80. These options are available for EVOLVE frames in high performance material and in FiberPro® material.

“Builders and architects have already recognized the enormous benefits that using our EVOLVE system brings – from eliminating oozing and squeeze out, to providing full glass coverage while reducing scalloping and corner flare,” says Keith Juhola, vice president of sales and marketing. “ODL is pleased to provide builders and architects with even more EVOLVE choices as they specify fenestration options.”

In addition to the new frame sizes, ODL announced that EVOLVE is now available as a Simulated Divided Light (SDL) system in FIberMate® white and oak material. This manufacturing enhancement makes ODL the first doorglass manufacturer to use injection molded frames – a process by which the SDL bar and the frame are created together, rather than applying the SDL bar to the glass and frame separately. This makes the frame easier to install and less likely to warp or separate from the frame, which also enhances the appearance at an attractive price point.

ODL also added several new sizing options to the SDL line – including a 4 light and a 6 light offering.

“To use FiberMate for ODL’s SDL offerings strengthens the entire user experience for everyone from builders to homeowners,” says Juhola. “FiberMate reduces warping in high heat areas and is easily customizable through painting or staining, enhancing the aesthetic. It also reduces that gap between grille and glass, eliminating problems, such as waviness, that are seen with other SDL installation systems.”

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