Published Dec 17, 2019 2:33:36 PM

Latest News: Perspectives Textured Doorglass Line Offers New Privacy Options

ODL, Inc.(ODL), a leading building products supplier of decorative and clear door glass and entry treatments, has introduced a new line, Perspectives textured doorglass.

Design and Privacy Options

Based on recent consumer research, ODL learned that both Millennials and Baby Boomers seek similar options when it comes to making front door purchase decisions. Homeowners are mostly looking for privacy and personalization, a trend which only seems to be gaining momentum. To meet the needs of these discerning homeowners, ODL’s Perspectives line of textured privacy door glass was launched.

The diverse collection was inspired by different textures, patterns, terrain, objects and cultural influences. Perspectives satisfies the demands of beautiful aesthetics and curb appeal as well as privacy by offering seven new glass textures – Blanca, Cumulus, Geo-Tex, Mosaic, Linen, Streamed and Vapor –in addition to its existing popular textures of privacy glass, Micro-Granite and Rain.

Homeowners are looking for doorglass that provides a balance of beautiful texture and light and privacy control at their entry,” said Roger Finch, senior distribution channel marketing manager, ODL USA. “Perspectives encompasses the privacy and minimalist aesthetics homeowners have been wanting.”

New Textures

  • Blanca offers a frosted, slightly stippled surface.
  • Cumulus has a resemblance to the patterns of clouds combining indentations with wave patterns.
  • Geo-Tex is a pattern that is reminiscent of the pottery of Native Americans or weavings found in Moroccan markets. It has a strong symmetrical appearance and a raised reflective pattern.
  • Mosaic finds inspiration in the cobblestone streets of historic villages and the soft reflections of a stony streambed. The result is an angular, subtle pattern of light.
  • Streamed has a pronounced vertical pattern and strong ribbed texture creating the allusion of the organic flow of water in your entryway.
  • Vapor features soft waves and ripples that are reminiscent of Northern Lights, and creates an ethereal play of light and shadow for your entryway.
  • Linen is reminiscent of soft linen fabrics, complementing either a casual or formally styled entryway. The etched white glass with a silkscreened woven pattern offers high privacy.

Existing Textures

  • Micro-Granite blends texture and pattern to create a surface reminiscent of small textured polished pebbles.
  • Rain features a vertical pattern and textured surface that creates the illusion of rain trickling down a window.

Durability and Resistance

The Perspectives textured doorglass line meets rigorous quality standards for air resistance, water resistance and door slamming. The products are certified by the Insulating Glass Certification Council (IGCC), which evaluates glass performance, durability and longevity. Additionally, the doorglass must survive ODL’s in-house test of 125,000 slam cycles before it’s introduced to the market.

For more information, check out Perspectives textured doorglass at or call 800.253.3900.

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