Published Dec 17, 2019 2:18:14 PM

Latest News: Spotlights® Doorglass Designs Offer Architects Front Door Versatility in Authenticity and Customization

ODL, Inc., a leading building products supplier of decorative and clear door glass and entry treatments, has extended the offering of its Spotlights® Doorglass Designs.The new glass options are giving architects the one-stop shop selection they are looking for in an array of styles that not only match the authenticity of the home but also provide a level of customization, which are becoming increasingly important for homeowners.

“Architects and consumers looking for a tailored, versatile door glass product that respects American home design traditions and considers the environment within and out of the home will find the perfect fit in Spotlights Doorglass,” said Roger Finch, senior distribution channel marketing manager, ODL USA. “The homeowner will appreciate the value that Spotlights brings in both quality and beauty as it heightens the home’s curb appeal.”

Spotlights is available in five various designs including Clear, Clear Low-E, Cubed, Frosted and Circuit glass. Architects looking for a design prevalent and suited for a variety of different house styles will be drawn to the Circuit and Frosted designs, as each cross multiple historic periods. Circuit hails back to Mid-Century Modern, Art Deco and Contemporary periods, while Frosted conforms to any architectural style with its blend of privacy with natural light. The doorglass sizes include 22” x10”, 7” x 64”, 12” x 12”, 22” x 3.5” and 11” x 5”. Homeowners can customize the number, size and doorglass configuration to their preference.

The Clear Low -E contributes the most energy savings with its ability to keep out cold air during cold months and warm air out during warm months. It also helps to reduce the ingress of unwanted UV rays, which cause fading to wall coverings and fabric surfaces in the home.

The Modern frame for the doorglass, with its low-profile and minimalist design, is available in a textured grain influenced by classic mid-century maple and birch furniture. Its molded and textured frame can be personalized to the homeowner’s preference in paint or stain colors. It is made from FiberMate® material that can be painted, stained, resists warping and does not deform from heat buildup during extreme weather. While other frames require wet caulking, the Modern frameuses a compression foam tape seal without the sticky mess. The seal design is engineered to extend the life of the doorframe. Seated screw hole plugs serve for simple alignment and fit the frame’s grain direction, achieving a uniform, finished aesthetic.

Any damage to the doorglass can easily be replaced while keeping the frame. The modern Spotlights frame with compression foam tape seal is removed from the door, damaged glass repaired or replaced, and the frame reinstalled.

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