Published Dec 17, 2019 2:16:59 PM

Latest News: ODL Add-on Blinds for Doors, Enclosed Blinds Control Light, Privacy

Traditional blinds can be challenging to install, maintain and clean, all while posing possible safety risks in thePicture1-1 home. According to the U.S. Consumer Product Safety Commission, dangling cords on blinds and shades, including those on glass doors, are one of the five leading home hazards for small children due to the risk of choking. ODL, Inc., a leading supplier of decorative and clear doorglass and entry treatments, offers Add-on Blinds for Doors and Enclosed Blinds to help builders and remodelers solve these home challenges while enhancing door privacy.

Add-on Blinds for Doors

Add-on Blinds for Doors present an easy, add-on solution for existing doorframes. They are designed for both steel and fiberglass doors and are easily installed over existing doorglass. Whether raised frame or flush frame, Add-on Blinds for Doors mount simply to satisfy the needs of the homeowner for privacy and low maintenance operation and cleaning. Available in white, ODL’s Add-on Blinds for Doors come with a 5-year warranty.

 “Our Add-on Blinds are designed with safety and easy installation in mind,” says Randy Brown, retail channel marketing manager, ODL. “Once a size is selected to match the existing door glass, users simply need to loosen the screws, install the brackets, hang the blind unit and lock the clips.”

ODL’s Add-on Blinds for Doors eliminate external cords by enclosing the blinds between two panes of door glass and incorporating a finger-tip control to adjust the level of light and privacy. Encapsulating the blinds also prevents the blinds from swinging back-and-forth when the door is opened or closed. 

Enclosed Blinds

Enclosed Blinds, including Light Touch®, Severe Weather Light Touch® and Triple Glazed with Grilles Between Glass (GBG), upgrade traditional styling by being built into the doorframe. The blinds are enclosed between two glass panels protecting them from dust and entanglement with children and pets.

Light-Touch Enclosed Blinds come pre-installed with easy functionality benefits. They allow users to raise, lower and tilt the enclosed blinds and shades a full 180 degrees at the touch of a finger (pictured right). The control, located on the window frame, also allows for adjustment of the amount of natural light or shade in a room. This permits users to customize privacy options and regulate room temperature, resulting in increased energy efficiency.

Enclosed Blinds are available in white or tan blinds and white or tan doorglass frames. Customers can order a white blind with a tan frame, which is optimal for a stained frame. In addition, ODL's Enclosed Blinds feature a 20-year warranty.

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