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Lighten Up Your Home with Spring Neutrals and Natural Light

It’s time for spring cleaning, the perfect excuse to purge all of the clutter you’ve accumulated over the year and lighten up your home. While getting rid of knick-knacks is a great way to make a space easier on the eyes, you can also reduce visual clutter by adding light and neutrals throughout the home using doors and windows, fixtures, furniture and décor.

Yes, Joanna Gaines of Fixer Upper fame may have opened many eyes to the clean, fresh aesthetic appeal of all-white kitchens, light wood grain flooring and neutral, rustic-inspired pallets. But she’s not the only authority on lightening up a space in beautiful, subtle ways — we know a thing or two about that here at ODL, too. We’ll leave the décor to Joanna but bringing natural light into the home is our domain.

With 75 years of designing and manufacturing doorglass and doorglass accessories under our belts, we’ve watched trends come and go and homeowner preferences change continuously. But two things that have withstood the test of time are homeowners’ appreciation for natural light and desire for security — both of which translate to doorglass and windows playing a big role in a home’s appeal. Thats why we’ve spent the last seven decades creating a portfolio of doorglass styles that span the spectrum of privacy levels while still letting light in. Allow us to introduce you to some of those products.

Open the Door to Light

Whether you go for a completely clear doorglass, prefer the frosted look or want a fun design, your doorglass has potential to make a huge difference in making your home feel bright, clean and refreshed.

Opting for a clear glass, such as nontextured simulated divided light (SDL) or grilles between glass (GBG), for your entry door is a great way to maximize the amount of sunlight coming into your home. Whether you want to make up for a home having very few windows, or you have a wall of full-length windows that you just don’t want to interrupt the flow of, using clear doorglass is one the easiest ways to lighten up your entryway.

But if you prefer a bit more privacy than clear glass offers, a translucent textured or patterned doorglass still allows in plenty of light while boosting your sense of security. The timeless look of divided light can be achieved with textured SDL and GBG. Or, use a patterned glass, such as our Dialogue Layered Glass®, to bring a fun design element into your entryway that plays on both privacy levels and light.

The Dialogue line offers six unique, ceramic frit patterns imprinted strategically across two layers of glass. As light levels and vantage points change, the patterns on each layer interact to create dynamic, playful shadows. Each of the patterns falls between moderate and high on the privacy scale but lets enough natural light through to keep your home feeling light and airy.

Bring On the Blinds

Finding the right doorglass and bringing natural light into the home can make a world of difference as you declutter and lighten up for spring, but it’s not the only player in the game.

Blinds are an excellent way to add natural light to a room — whether as part of your windows or your door. The ability to raise and lower them gives you complete control over your home’s privacy and amounts of natural light coming in. Enclosed Doorglass Blinds from ODL put light control at your fingertips with a user-friendly operator that raises and lowers blinds the entire length of the doorglass. When fully open, sunlight can pour in through a full-length pane of clear glass. Full privacy channels, on the other hand, eliminate light gaps, shadows and sunlight glare.

In addition to total control over light and privacy, Enclosed Blinds are also newly available in a new color collection of four neutral hues that perfectly complement that neutral design appeal we touched on earlier. Sand, Espresso, Slate Gray and Silver Moon — in addition to classic white — coordinate well with surrounding décor without stealing attention away from the parts of your home you want to shine light onto.

A Light and Airy Spring Refresh

Look, we know most of you don’t exactly enjoy spring cleaning. The purging, the home improvement projects, the sweat beads forming as you scrub surfaces until they’re practically sparking.

But think of how good it feels to wipe the sweat from your brow after a hard day’s — OK, maybe week’s — work and enjoy your clean, refreshed home. Whether your goal was to declutter the front office, renovate that all-white farmhouse kitchen, find the perfect dove grey throw pillows to match your area rug or let light in with an entryway makeover, you worked hard to make it happen. Enjoy your spring refresh.

To learn more about doorglass options from ODL, please visit our Inspiration Gallery.


Traditional Simulated Divided Lights (SDL)

A mill finish grille between glass with our all-in-one SDL frame provides the look of a true divided light with the energy efficiency of a single light.

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