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Comparing Low-E Glass Options

One of the biggest benefits of doorglass is that it maximizes natural light in a home. And while we love the wellness boost of the sun’s rays, direct sunlight can make controlling the temperature of a house harder, as well as fading fabric and other challenges. Low-e glass coatings on doorglass can deliver the best of both worlds.

We offer different types of low-e glass that can provide different benefits depending on what climate zone the home is in and what the energy needs are. In this comparison guide, we’ll help walk you through the options so you know what type of low-e doorglass is best for a home building project. 


What is Low-E Glass?

Typical glass allows both natural light and solar heat to enter a home. Non-solar, ambient heat is also able to travel through glass and into the house. Low-e coatings are applied to the glass to help control the amount of solar and ambient heat that travels in or out of the home. The different types of coatings have different applications for different temperate zones. For example, in warmer climates, you want to keep heat out, and in cooler climates, you want to keep heat in.


Types of Low-E Glass

Let’s take a look at the four distinct types of low-e glass offered by ODL to explain what special applications they have and to which climate zones they are best suited. 


Our most energy efficient low-e option is Low-E+366. This type of glass has a maximum level of insulation and solar heat gain reduction, which is heat that comes from direct sunlight. It has a noticeable tint due to the three silver layers of coating used in the glass. It is offered in some of our impact rated, classic and Blink® Entry Doorglass. It also comes at a higher cost due to the high level of insulation. 

This type of low-e glass is best for hot weather climates, as it is able to efficiently reduce both solar and non-solar heat gain. It provides comfort for homeowners in areas like the southernmost states, along with energy savings thanks to the reduced heat exchange. 

Low-E+ (270)

Another great option is Low-E+ (270). It provides a maximum level of insulation and a high level of solar heat gain reduction with just two silver layers of coating. It also has a noticeable tint, but not quite as significant as Low-E+366. It also has a higher cost than our standard Low-E options, but that comes with energy saving benefits. At ODL, you’ll find Low-E+ in our Perspectives and Lightscapes collections, along with Classic and Blink Entry Doorglass.

Low-E+ performs well in both high and low temperatures, making it great for homeowners who need year-round energy-saving protection, such as the South-Central region of the United States. 

Low-E (180)

Low-E (180) still provides a high level of insulation, and a medium solar heat gain reduction. It has a hardly noticeable tint and only uses one silver layer in the coating. It comes at a lower cost than the Low-E+ options and can be found in ODL impact-rated doorglass. 

This type of low-e coating reduces ambient heat flow while allowing beneficial solar heat to enter the home. That makes it great for climate zones like the North-Central region of the United States that don’t experience long periods of cold weather but still need heat retention for certain times of the year.

Low-E (CS73)

The final type of low-e coating is Low-E (CS73). Like Low-E (180), it has a barely noticeable tint and provides high levels of insulation and a medium solar heat gain reduction. However, it is the lightest of the coatings as it doesn’t utilize any silver layers. At ODL, we use it in Perspectives, Lightscapes, Spotlights®, vents, simulated divided lights, classic and triple-glazed doorglass.

Just like Low-E (180), it reduces ambient heat exchange and lets favorable solar heat in. It has the lowest cost of all the low-e options and is best for climate areas like the Northern region of the United States that experience a wide range of temperatures throughout the year, including deep cold. 


Find the Best Low-E Glass for Homes at ODL

At ODL, we have the expertise to help you find the best low-e doorglass options for whatever home needs come up, no matter what part of the country you are located in. Our variety of low-e coating options ensures that homes can get the best energy-saving benefits for every climate zone and protect the home from harmful heat. To learn more, contact an ODL salesperson, or check out our Low-E Comparison Guide.

Download our handy Low-E Comparison Guide here


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