Published Mar 19, 2020 8:01:54 AM

A message from our President and CEO at ODL, Inc.

We have updated our response to the global COVID-19 pandemic. Please see the following communications for up-to-date information:

ODL, Inc. to suspend MI Manufacturing, MI Distribution, and OH Manufacturing due to COVID-19

ODL, Inc. to suspend Mexico Manufacturing due to COVID-19

Hello ,

As I think back on the conversations we all had last fall, COVID-19 was never on the radar. We talked about housing starts, trade wars, or the weather, and occasionally if we were feeling really risky, we talked politics. The consensus back then was 2020 would be a good year. There was little talk about recession. Budgets were being built to grow as much as we could. The major impediment was getting enough people to fill the demand.

And then in Wuhan, China one person got sick. And then 2 people and the 4, 8, 16, 32, and now 202,018 worldwide. Wow! That was just never on my radar. Even when I started to read about that first person back in January, I never thought I would be writing a letter to you due to a virus pandemic.

Like all other companies, we are taking safety precautions to keep all our people safe. And all those people include you. (See the specifics we have in place below this letter.) If you have any additional suggestions, please let us know.

While keeping people safe is our top priority, the purpose of this letter is to reiterate ODL’s purpose statement - We Make Your Life Better. The way we can live this purpose today is by making sure as many people as possible get their “normal” paycheck for as long as possible. The best way we know how to do this given the current situation is to keep our plants running throughout the world.

Given that goal, ODL is using 3 criteria to determine if we will keep our facilities open:

1. We can keep you safe
2. We have orders (and we have a lot of orders right now)
3. The governments say we can

As our COO, Dave Klein wrote on March 12, “We are in uncharted waters and there is not a playbook for this unique situation.” By the time you get this letter, the government may have shut down more than restaurants and bars. If they have not, we will be open, running, and planning for the future.



P.S. There is a quote on ODL’s Glass History Wall that says, “We learned what many companies failed to learn… how to circle the wagons, turn down the lights, and prepare for better days.” Over our 75-year history, this has been a valuable lesson that we have used several times. We are NOT there yet. But if we need to, we know how, we have experience, and ODL will come out the other end with innovation, service, and strength.

Temporary Business Changes

In order to ensure we are taking all necessary precautions at this time; ODL has made some adjustments to some of our standard business processes. These adjustments include:

• We’ve placed restrictions on all employee travel via plane, train or car. For the time being, expect phone calls from your ODL representative as opposed to in-person visits. Additionally, any ODL employee who resides in North America and travels outside North America is subject to a 14-day quarantine before returning to work.

• Effective immediately, no outside visitors or vendors are allowed at any ODL facility. We’re encouraging conference calls and video conferences in place of in-person meetings.

• We’ve changed the way we accept deliveries. All delivery drivers are asked to stay in their vehicle while ODL employees unload products.

• We’ve given our team members the option to work remotely. ODL has provided extra personal days for those in positions that do not allow them to work from home.

• We continue to encourage frequent hand washing, social distancing, and routine cleaning of surfaces per the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) guidelines.

We thank you for your patience and kindness as we all work through this unprecedented situation together.

If you have any additional questions, please contact us at (800) 253-3900.

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